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Semi di Scienza – literally Seeds of Science – is an association of social promotion based in Tuscany, Italy, and active since 2018 in the promotion of scientific literacy and innovation. We encourage awareness on global changes in our communities by focusing on local impacts, and provide citizens with information and tools to make small but effective changes in their daily behavior toward a sustainable relationship with the planet.

We develop Citizen Science Laboratories and Scientific Campuses to share and create new knowledge with students (from medium school to university) and families. We also organize dissemination events in person and online – workshops, seminars, conference, scientific aperitif/dinner – to reach out to adults and corporations to mobilize collective intelligence to solve today’s problems.  

Our active members have scientific and professional backgrounds in biology, circular economy, book publishing, environmental issues, geology, mathematics and more. They are active researchers, educators, and science communicators and periodically write original informative and educational articles for our blog.

In 2020, we organized a crowdfunding campaign for the project #FarmaCovid in collaboration with ICGEB and IBF and raised 16.000 € to support medical research to develop an effective drug against Covid-19.

We always look forward to start new activities and collaborations. We have a nice network in Italy and are willing to create partnerships for European projects.

Get in touch at info@semidiscienza.it